Creative Writing that needs to be done for the website

1. Baronbleu Lifestyle Paragraph 

  • A paragraph that tells about our lifestyle and why we are doing what we doing 
  • Mothers and Daughters 
  • Active Lifestyle 
  • Commitment to Community 
  • Fashionable 
  • Likes to have fun 

2. Mission Statement 

  • 8 word sentence that tells exactly what we do in a concise way 

3. Our Story 

  • Why are we doing what we are doing? 
  • Who is the inspiration? 
  • Who are we, as the designers and creators of this product?

4. Individual Bios 

  • Short Four sentences about each person that is involved in this company 
  • What you enjoy doing and why you are involved

5. Description of the Blog "Out of the Bleu" 

  • What is this Blog?
  • What people can expect to read on the blog 
  • Short four sentences to put at the top of the blog 

6. Descriptions of Each product 

  • 28 products total 
  • What each product is made out of 
  • Who it is inspired by and what it means to us 

7. Description and Symbolism of the Logo 

  • The little bleu man or woman and want it represents 
  • Descriptions of each color of bleu 
  • See the page titled "Little Bleu" for more details

Technical Writing for the Website

1. Copyright Description

2. Returns and Exchanges Page

  • What does someone do if the product does not fit
  • How can they return 

3. Social Responsibility Page

  • Why is this important to us 
  • Where do we make our products 
  • How do we know that where we are working is good

4. Shipping

  • How do we ship 
  • When can someone expect to receive their package